Visiting During Session

The Florida Legislature normally convenes its annual regular session on the first Monday after the first Tuesday in March. In even numbered years, the Legislature can move this date forward. This is usually done when the Legislature has to deal with reapportionment. Regular session lasts for 60 consecutive days. Special Sessions can last up to 20 days. They are convened at request of the Governor or Joint Proclamation by the Speaker of the House and Senate President.

If you or group wishes to observe the Legislature after the completion of the tour, please refer to the following guidelines:

  • Gallery seating is limited and availability is dependent upon the length of the daily session and the number of visitors seeking admittance.
  • Teachers who wish to visit the viewing gallery of the House or Senate chambers should inform the staff outside the galleries and notify them of the number of students in their group. It may be necessary to wait before entering.
  • Once inside, most groups allow 15 minutes to observe the lawmakers in action.
  • Students should be reminded that important state business is being conducted in each chamber.
  • All visitors to the galleries must remain seated and quiet and may not applaud.
  • All phones, pagers, and other electronic devices must be turned off before entering gallery.
  • No one is allowed to lean over the gallery railing from the first row.
  • Flash photography is not allowed in the gallery.

Meeting Schedules

The schedule of legislative meetings for the Senate and House of Representatives is continuously updated during session.

Security Guidelines

Individuals visiting the Capitol or viewing galleries will be asked to pass through metal detectors and all personal belongings will be searched. Due to these security measures currently in place, it is strongly suggested that all non-essential personal items be left in your vehicle.