State Symbols


  • Flag: A red saltire (diagonal cross) on a white background, with the seal of Florida superimposed on the center. [1900/1985]*
  • Motto: "In God We Trust" [2006]
  • Nickname: Sunshine State [1970]
  • Seal: Seal of Florida [1868/1985]**
  • Song: "Old Folks at Home" [1935]
  • Anthem: "Florida, Where the Sawgrass Meets the Sky" [2008]
  • Welcome Song: "Florida" [1985]
  • State Day: April 2nd [1953]

*The basic design was adopted in 1900. The flag was updated in 1985, when the state seal was changed. Before 1900, it was a white flag with the state seal in the center.

**In 1868, the Florida Legislature adopted the Seal of Florida, but over the years, several changes have been made to the seal. However, the basic design has been maintained. The last revision took place in 1985.


  • Flower: Orange Blossom [1909]
  • Tree: Sabal Palm [1953]
  • Wildflower: Coreopsis [1991]


  • Animal: Florida Panther [1982]
  • Bird: Northern Mockingbird [1927]
  • Butterfly: Zebra Longwing [1996]
  • Fish(fresh water): Florida Largemouth Bass [1975]
  • Fish(saltwater): Atlantic sailfish [1975]
  • Heritage Horse: Florida Cracker Horse [2008]
  • Mammal(marine): Florida Manatee [1975]
  • Mammal(saltwater): Porpoise(Dolphin) [1975]***
  • Reptile: American Alligator [1987]
  • Reptile(Saltwater): Loggerhead turtle [2008]
  • Shell: Horse Conch [1969]
  • Tortoise: Gopher tortoise [2008]

***The 1975 Legislative declared the "The porpoise, also commonly known as the dolphin, is hereby designated as the Florida state saltwater mammal." While the terms are incorrectly considered interchangeabe, they do refer to two distinct animals. The Bottlenose dolphin(tursiops truncates) is commonly found in Florida's waters. It is believed that was mammal the Legislature was referencing.


  • Fossil: Eocene Heart Urchin [2006]
  • Gem: Moonstone [1970]
  • Mineral: Calcite [2006]
  • Rock: Ocala Limestone [2006]
  • Soil: Myakka fine sand [1989]
  • Stone: Agatized Coral [1979]

Food & Beverages

  • Beverage: Orange juice [1967]
  • Fruit: Orange [2005]
  • Pie: Key lime pie [2006]


  • Air Fair: The Central Florida Air Fair [1976]
  • Festival: "Calle Ocho-Open House 8" [1980]
  • Fiddle Contest: The fiddle contest held annually by the Florida State Fiddlers' Association in cooperation with the Department of State at the Stephen Foster State Folk Culture Center [1989]
  • Renaissance Festival: The Italian Renaissance Festival at Vizcaya [1994]
  • Rodeo: Silver Spurs Rodeo [1994]


  • Art Museum: John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota [1980]
  • American Folk Dance: Square dance [1986]
  • Band: The St. Johns River City Band [1990]
  • Citrus Archive: The Florida Citrus Archives [2001]
  • Litter Control Symbol: "Glenn Glitter" [1978]
  • Maritime Museum: The Admiral John H. Fetterman State of Florida Maritime Museum and Research Center [2006]
  • Moving Image Center and Archive: The Louis Wolfson II Media History Center, Inc. [1989]
  • Opera Program: The Greater Miami Opera Association; the Orlando Opera Company, Incorporated; and the Florida State University School of Music [1983]
  • Pagent: "Indian River" [1979]
  • Play: "Cross and Sword" [1973]
  • Poetry Day: May 25th [1947]
  • Railroad Museums: The Orange Blossom Special Railroad Museum in West Palm Beach , the Gold Coast Railroad Museum in Miami, and the Florida Gulf Coast Railroad Museum in Tampa [1984]
  • Sports Hall of Fame: The Florida Sports Hall of Fame in Auburndale [1988]
  • Theaters: the Asolo Theature in Sarasota, the Hippodrome Theatre in Gainesville, and Caldwell Theatre Company in Boca Raton. [1965/1981/1986]
  • Transportation Museum: The Florida Museum of Transportation and History in Fernandina Beach [1985]